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About Us

Our Story

Theatre is a boutique Australian lifestyle and homewares brand based in Melbourne, Australia.  

Travelling extensively around the world, our Buyers are inspired to capture the visual beauty that they see in different cultures. Specialising in selecting unique, contemporary and distinctive gifts from all around the world, our selection is a fusion of East meets West; a blend of European romanticism, English classic and Asian chic.

Our aim is to offer interior lovers a place to find global treasures that are stylish, handmade and of high quality. We provide an extensive and diverse range of unique, creative and essential Christmas and Easter gift lines sourced from around the world. Each product carries our trademark classic style and tells a story providing the ultimate visual experience.

Renowned for our signature 100% recycled aluminium collection; we seek to reclaim buried and forgotten treasures such as unwanted utensils, discarded homewares and abandoned car parts then transform them into beautiful works of functional design.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers a diverse range of products made from a broad spectrum of materials such as wire, brass nickel, stainless steel, wood, fabric, rubber, denim and capiz shell

Environmental footprint

Theatre is passionate about ethical practices and environmental sustainability therefore has made a conscious decision to source products that are made from recycled materials. Our artisan aluminium range is made from 100% recycled metals and is hand polished exclusively sourced from India.

Using aluminium scraps collected from old utensils, pressure cookers, door handles, saucepans or car parts, these are the primary materials that are melted down and then transformed into the unique pieces that are a distributed via our stylish retails stores. The care and time spent on each item is a testament of our passion and respect for the process.

Conscious of our environmental footprint, all of the excess cardboard boxes in the Theatre warehouse are recycled. All packing material used for orders are created using old paper work from the office, old magazines and newspapers.